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The Seven Deadly Sins of Program Evaluation

By Kate Caldecott

Grant evaluation Kate Caldecott
This is the first installment in a two part series derived from a speech delivered by Kate Caldecott, at the AIGM’s Evaluation Bootcamp, Melbourne, August 24, 2005. Kate served as Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Grants Management at the time.  Acknowledgement to Chris Borthwick and Kathy Richardson from Our Community. Let’s begin at the…

The Best Laid Plans: When Grant Agreements Need a Variation

By Kate Caldecott

Grant variations
It all looked so good on paper. If only reality would conform to our plans. Of course, that’s not how things work. Life is full of surprises, including delays and cost overruns that can affect your grants. Projects which include a long chain of dependencies can easily get off schedule. Key personnel may leave to…

Dollars and Sense: What to Look For in a Grant Application Budget

By Kate Caldecott

The budget is one of the basic parts of a grant application. It is where you define the actual activities that your funds will pay for. It defines spending categories, lists expense categories that are excluded and provides a structure for monitoring financial compliance. Yet as important as budgets are, both applicants and grantors can…

SmartyGrants for Workflow

By Kate Caldecott

SmartyGrants is designed to include all of the tools you need to manage the applications you receive in a grant round. However, the system also includes an array of tools that can be used to enhance workflow. While use of these tools is largely optional, they offer an excellent opportunity to optimize your workflow and…

Providing Meaningful Feedback to Unsuccessful Applicants

By Kate Caldecott

 As published in AIGM Feedback Matters The 2015 Grants In Australia Survey conducted by the Australia Institute of Grants Management revealed that nearly half (46%) of survey respondents felt that grantmakers do a “bad” job of providing meaningful feedback to unsuccessful applicants. This finding is not new. In fact, applicants and grantees have been reporting this as a…


Learn the 7 steps to build a stronger and better program evaluation. In this special Guide Kate Caldecott takes you step-by-step through the process to ensure that your Program Evaluation hits the mark.



  • Kate Caldecott worked with me on Australia Post’s Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program. She assisted with the grant process design and SmartyGrants grant management implementation.

    In working with Kate, I would describe her as being: passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated to community with a willingness to going the extra mile, above and beyond. It is always a pleasure to work with Kate.

    - Erin McKenzie, Community Events and Partnerships Advisor, Community Relations Australia Post
  • This is the perfect opportunity for me to thank you, in particular, ….. for the outstanding customer service you have all provided. You have not only helped us use SG effectively, but kept the panic at bay. There is lots more to learn about what SG can do and I’m sure we will be in regular contact …….

    Thanks to you all – you are fabulous!

    - Debra Slater-Lee, Programs Manager State NRM Office (WA)
  • Being a complete newbie on all aspects of Smartygrants I was daunted by the task of being completely responsible for the outcome of a major grant funding round at the Shire. I did the training and it still did not make much sense to me until I had my first session with Kate. The way in which Kate was able to clarify, explain and help me understand the rationale and functions of the system was brilliant, her manner always patient and professional, and her willingness to transfer knowledge and information commendable. Thanks to Kate I am now a confident user of Smartygrants

    - Marilyn A Gippsland VIC
  • Kate’s involvement in the final stages of the major review of two of Sunshine Coast Council’s funding programs added significant value to our work. As well as identifying additional sources of information for analysis, and suggesting enhancements to data presentation, Kate provided a professional critique of the review, validating our analysis of the review findings and the options identified in our report to Council.

    - Margaret Cattanach Team Leader Community Connections Community Services Sunshine Coast Council